Timothy & Sharon

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We Are Waiting For…..The Big Day

Welcome to our big day

They say, when you love somebody and they love you back, you know you have found happiness, well the happiness got us right here, in each others arms and we never regret giving a chance to know each other. here we are! We hope you can join us as our love story continues. Let us know if you can make it!


Our Story

Our First Meet


We often say the first impression is the last impression because we can never forget first meet with someone. That’s why people say meet everyone in life with a little smile on your face

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Our First Date


I think some souls have a way of connecting without our knowledge, Sometimes, you meet a person, and you just click you’re comfortable with them.

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Our Marriage Proposal


My life is wonderful because you are with me. You make me happy regardless of whether I feel sad and low. my heart, till its last beat.

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Our Introduction Ceremony


On a Saturday morning, with all roads leading to this destination, the photographers all energised and following up to capture and share every detail so that everyone attending in person or remotely can have the same experience.

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When & Where

Sending Invitations

256 Pallisa, Eastern Uganda
Saturday, 25 March 23, 9.00 AM-5.00 PM

On this Date we shall be sending Invitation cards to all the Guests who have confirmed their attendance through contact details provided to the event organisers.

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Introduction Ceremony

256, Pallisa, Eastern, Uganda
Saturday, 24 June 23, 9.00 AM-1.00 PM

On this Date we shall have our Introduction Ceremony that will take place in Pallisa, Eastern Uganda. More Details will follow so that our guests can plan

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Wedding Ceremony

Mbale Resort Hotel, Bungokho Rd.
Saturday, 29 July 23, 1.00 PM-5.00 PM

At the Home of natural comfort where we shall have the reception and dinner

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Our Gallery

Pre Wedding

Gift Registration

We’re all going to feel like we were hit by a tractor trailer truck that was hauling 150 cases of Moet, but according to history we will live to see work on Monday. With that in mind, let’s have two happy souls get married, fun and a bloody ceremony to carry us over..

Thank You

For Being With Us